Diagnostic Audits

Walk-through energy audits and operational diagnosis of buildings, electrical and mechanical (E/M) installations, first cost estimates to support and prioritize decisions for possible actions (e.g. maintenance, refurbishment or retrofit actions) based on their cost effectiveness. Techno-economic analysis based on European methodologies and software for residential buildings (EPIQR), offices (TOBUS) and hotels (XENIOS). Gain a global understanding of buildings’ degradation state, accounting for functional obsolescence, evaluating potential energy and natural resources conservation, assessing indoor environmental quality and environmental impact, in a multi-criteria analysis. Fast first assessment of residential energy performance and refurbishment opportunities (eKIA) based on Hellenic building typologies.

About the author

Group Energy Conservation

GRoup Energy Conservation team is active since December 1994 in the Institute for Environmental Research & Sustainable Development-National Observatory of Athens