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Sustainable MED Cities (SMC) Assessment System


The SMC Assessment System is a tool for measuring the sustainability of Mediterranean buildings, neighbourhoods and cities. It is useful to support decision making processes for the development, implementation and monitoring of measures and plans for a more sustainable built environment. The SMC Assessment System can be contextualized and adapted to any Mediterranean region. The SMC Assessment System is based on the transnational methodology SBE Method of iiSBE. The SBE Method implements the “think globally, act locally” concept, acting as a common “language” for assessing the sustainability of the built environment. The tools composing the SMC Assessment System, SBTool (Building scale), SNTool (Neighbourhood scale) and SCTool (City scale) can be adapted to any context reflecting local priorities and peculiarities.



Acronym: Sustainable MED Cities

Full title: Integrated tools and methodologies for sustainable Mediterranean cities

Thematic objective: B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation

Priority: B.4.3 Energy efficiency and renewable energy

Countries: Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Greece

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